Attunement (Edited)

I attuned my senses to reality until I stopped feeling. It’s so far away from possibility now. I cannot feel much anymore. I rarely feel although I’m a being of pure feeling. There’s nothing left to feel. I somehow became all about feeling while simultaneously losing my ability to feel profoundly. What you see is what I’m left with. A shell of my former self. I don’t feel joy. I don’t feel anything good. I’m always burdened. If I am to ever feel again I need to be alone. Fire of the mind kindles in silence.

EDIT: The thing that I can’t remember about my last post regarding patience or something else entirely is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL. Check out my first 116 posts. This one is 118. If you really want to understand numbers you’re going to need the thing I can’t recall. As for me, I don’t care one way or another. I treat the important the same as the ordinary. None of it makes me feel anything. I guess when you become sensitive your senses are refined so contrary to popular belief you are only able to sense the rare and not the common. I forgot something important again. I understand this is part of perfecting memory. I’m grateful.

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