Learning, Understanding and Memorizing

What do we learn? What do we understand? And what do we memorize? Learning and understanding are synonymous but how are they connected to memory? We assign unique concepts to memory. But, of course there are repetitions. We remember the uniqueness in a repetitive activity of Thought. If we remember all that’s unique in what we memorize then what’s the stuff that is not memorized? Surely, we won’t remember something like a thousand digit number with a single exposure? But, why would we need to if all that matters is uniqueness, conceptually? But, then all patterns are unique in expression although what comprises them can be commonly occurring. Is learning purely a creative endeavor as in it only deals with the unique? Understanding is the process and learning is the end result of it. How exactly does memory relate to this? Everything that we learn is assigned to memory. In fact, I think it is indeed just memory. If it isn’t memory then what have we learned? We are able to reproduce everything we have learned which implies directly that it is a task of memory which happens consciously when learning and remembering but also unconsciously when implicit memory comes into the picture. We use explicit memory to learn everything. BTW, what’s learnable? In order to assign something to memory there has to be the thing that’s perceived and thus assigned. What do we assign to memory? Well, reality of course although in bits and pieces or rather fragments. What are the units that compose reality? Facts? Metaphysical objects? Abstract either way. What’s fundamental? A pure description would answer this question.

Just to clarify: A pure description has nothing to do with any of the languages we speak. It is the understanding of how language functions, what role it serves and how we use it that will allow for purely descriptive elements to be expressed. In order to express it I need language as of now, but once I uncover the nature of the brain and it’s physiology, the biochemical reactions, intricate anatomy and an understanding of what gap the Consciousness fills I will be able to purely describe without the help of current languages. What’s purely describable is the perfect language. It is THE LANGUAGE of a Consciousness. The fact that we have to make do with inaccurate descriptions is the testament to the failure of current languages in comprehending the psyche and expressing it without the gap between Consciousness and the universe.

P.S. I believe organic memory is superior to inorganic memory. The former is infinite whereas the latter is always reaching. I hope we don’t make the mistake of transitioning to inorganic memory before we understand the organic. Of course, that’s why I’m here.

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