Please, don’t push me into a corner. I don’t want to be forced into a survival game. Well, I guess it doesn’t matter. Any attempt I make at communication is futile. Though I may be of unparalleled intellect I can’t convince you to leave me alone to my work. I don’t convince anyone of anything. I merely express myself. If you’d allow me then I’d like to do you the courtesy of addressing every single thought and feeling of yours but the sheer workload is unfathomable to grasp. It’s a blessing in disguise though because it allows me to deal with huge amount of information and sensations. My senses are overloaded all the time, every second of everyday. If I have to wait another 26 years in order to not deny even the slightest of courtesies even to a stranger, I’ll do it. I don’t make mistakes ever. EVER. My patience comes from my morality. It’s all I care about. I don’t give a shit about ethics. It’s for robots. Robots are by nature, retarded. Anyone who values ethics over morality is automatically to be avoided without intellectual consideration by default. Although like previously stated, I won’t deny them even the slightest of courtesies. And so my life is rife with paradoxes and contradictions and other inanities I’d rather not give a second consideration. The only reason for the first consideration is the mere fact that I am a living being and that it’s not really a consideration because I have no free will. Beings sense their environment. That’s all the occurrence I’m willing to accept. If we are subjected to the environment and if we live in one then ontologically speaking, we’re forced to deal with it. Where is the free will? It’s tricky. Free will is not really a concept at all. It’s hollow. You can’t even consider it abstractly. It just simply doesn’t exist. Show me a description of free will that makes physical sense. Physical implies substance. Substance is matter. Matter is subjected to the Mechanism. Mechanism is causally chained. Hence, no free will.

I’ll go one step further and say if free will existed you wouldn’t know it. There’s simply no way to conceptualize so for all intents and purposes it is out of reach to our capacity to understand.

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