Collectively, Unconsciously

The collective unconscious being what it is, power when given up by one automatically goes to another. It’s absolutely mechanical. I’m trying to derail this or erase it altogether. It’s quite an occupying task. I love my work. I did have a love-hate relationship with my pursuit but now it challenges me and thoroughly satisfies.

I used to be unfamiliar with the term collective unconscious. I used to call it the collective consciousness like J Krishnamurti. That is until I coined the term collective unconscious and then realized that someone had already coined it before me. Carl Jung. I’m guessing my usage is identical to his although his concept is more fleshed out with detailed descriptions. Mine is not of an interest in the details of it but rather the bigger picture.

Why do we borrow unconsciously? What is this event composed of? Yes, we describe and try to do it sufficiently but why do we do it in the first place and what exactly is it that we do? I will figure it out. I’m making progress faster than I thought I would or even could. I have no way to predict the outcomes and when my work will yield results. All I know is that it could be 5 years or even a couple months. I’m absolutely devoted to the work. Expect the unexpected.

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