Behavior (Edited recently)

Don’t try to predict behavioral patterns when dealing with me. I’m not settled. I’m on constant edge and EVERY SINGLE THOUGHT is a placeholder. I’m not who you see. I can’t be defined. I want the same courtesy I give others. I always keep an open mind and avoid thinking about people deliberately to figure them out. This curiosity is evil in origin. If you could see the underlying primitive psychology then you wouldn’t do it. It is in no way different in spirit than the rituals of all kinds. I’m fighting all 7.8 billion of you to create a new way of life. Don’t create roadblocks. The need for control and the set-in ways that people acquiesce to only makes it harder for them to change their minds about someone when there’s need to do so. I’m nothing you’ve ever encountered before. In trying to fit me into a framework you’re creating an image of me. This will only serve a divisive role and nullify any chance of a relationship. I really do understand human psychology and I’m tired of defending myself against it 24/7, 365 days a year. Even though I’m isolated, I’m interacting with all 7.8 billion of you, consciously and unconsciously. Please, somehow find it in yourself to leave these reptilian era evolutionary burdens behind. I am not playing the game. I’m solving it permanently. No pressure. You’d be surprised to see who I truly am. Undefined just like infinity.

And I’m not oblivious to the fact that trying to reason with people has an underlying behavioral pattern as well. I have figured out the theoretical regarding the human psychology. Now, I’m trying to derive mathematical equations relating these patterns to one another and the equations behind why this is so and on and on all the way down to the basal wherein lies a pure description. It’s a harrowing task. Why is that? I’ll figure that out too. Do you understand? I’m bridging the gap permanently. No more being left in the dark wondering the whys and hows of psyche. Let me do it.

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