Communication (part 3)

If a fragment can appear anywhere in a causal chain then does that mean that communication between closed systems is possible? But, that doesn’t make sense for one obvious reason. Causal “chain” implies there’s a link between events that are causally connected. But, then why is there a chain? Sequence is sensible. We make sense only in sequences. Then is it not possible to arrive at a point in the chain without the sequence? Think about it. We only predict based on an understanding of the sequential pattern. Then how is time travel possible unless a thought, or to reduce it to a pure description, a fragment is temporal in nature? Thought is in fact time on a macroscopic level just the same as a fragment is also of time at an infinitesimal or most fundamental level. Without causation there is no time. But, the universe isn’t fragmented. It’s seamlessly blended. The difference between a fragment and what’s seamless is the same as that between a concept and percept. This gap once bridged would allow for several of the p vs np problems to be solved. I’m not sure which ones or how many but at least a few if I’m not mistaken.

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