Back to the past

Traveling to the future is possible. By all means do it if you can figure it out because you can indeed figure it out. But, going to the past is not possible for anyone except for those who end knowledge. You have to be an individual. Now, I don’t know if anyone “could” do that. If my understanding is right then no one with primitive psychology can do it. But, what if? Well, then I’ll stop you. Don’t think you can outwit me. I won’t let travel to the past happen until everyone is free. I don’t think it’s possible unless THE Problem is dissolved. But, if by some chance at the existential level it is made possible by one and it happens, you are my enemy. I’ll fuck you up. Please, be reasonable and responsible. I know how it’s done but I can’t tell you. You have to do the activity. It’s not knowledge. Knowledge only shows the loophole. One has to bridge the gap. Don’t think you can conceptualize your way out of it. To dwell in conceptual is to be eternally trapped in evolution of psychology. It will never set you free from the mechanical. Do you think it’s just another experience to end knowledge? Do you think you can learn it? Evolve into it? I say it’s impossible. No.

You have to be good by default if you’re to accomplish the task. I’m absolutely sure there can be no exceptions. So, disregard what I said above. The acausal is goodness.

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