Don’t talk to me about how you have years of experience. It’s not essential. What’s essential is the underlying blueprint in psychology. Without this progress wouldn’t be possible. If everyone had to experience everything from scratch then nothing would get done. This bullshit talk about the superior status of experience is only your inability to comprehend your own primitive mind and overcome your survival instinct in even the tiniest of capacity. Have you noticed how YOU feel the same and have felt the same throughout your life despite circumstances? That’s your inability to learn anything. You have experienced but learned nothing and this is the common mentality of the entire human race. Very few people learn and so the cycle continues.

I’m breaking rules not because I’m special but because I need to end the cycle asap. Don’t create walls in the causal chain. Your castles will fall someday. Don’t make futile efforts. Or at the very least don’t directly pit me against your futility. I need seamless path outward. If your path is directly antithetical to mine then I won’t make it. BTW, if someone else knows what the stakes are, which I seriously doubt, then take charge! Show me how you actually get it and then I’ll reconsider. But, that’s just it. I don’t have any doubts. But, I still am completely uncertain. Yes, it’s paradoxical but true. It’s the opposite of a linear scale, instead collapsing in on a point. I only deal in absolutes. Do not get in my way.

Also, make room for my Thought. None of the things I refer to are everyday occurring patterns. Yes, the words I use and the statements I form are identical to the ones you’re FAMILIAR with (keyword: familiar) but you simply don’t understand the context in which I’m using them. I’m completely free of culture. I don’t do anything that identifies with it but not to be contrarian. I’m not an anarchist. I’m nothing you’ve EVER encountered before. I don’t take any liberties with regards to the mind. I always go for the extreme. The hardest problem in the book. That way the learning curve is unfathomable, just the way I like it. Again, do not get in my way. Please.

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