Do you know why the cycle has continued for tens of thousands of years? I’ve seen many a stupid fuck like you in the past few decades. In fact, I didn’t have to but I did. I don’t need to ever again. I seriously need to catch a break.

Do my words betray a psychological pattern you identify with? Or am I having a midlife crisis? Think existential. Do not fight me! Stop!

You only think you understand patience. What you’re doing is feeling accustomed to what you know. You feel acquainted, comfortable even. This comprises all that bullshit talk about handling oneself under pressure. This is gaining of experience. I’m not impressed. Please, understand the Language of human psychology. I ONLY need to deal in absolutes. I can manage it as long as there aren’t roadblocks in the causal chain. Experience is absolutely useless in matters of psychology. It is the dullest of happenings. I’m only human.

Now what part of you don’t have a FUCKING CLUE what i am going through do you not get?!

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