No matter what I do or say you’ll add it to your experiencing structure as information. I cannot show you what can’t be shown much less said. I REPEAT: NO COMMUNICATION IS POSSIBLE. I am in a special kind of hell. Forever doomed to be alone. This is futile. I mean all of what I have posted in this blog. I see many possibilities but I can only pick one to express. None of what I’m saying is accurate. I’m not even close; not on my best day. This is my fate. Please, spare me the burden of having to constantly defend myself. I am trying to fix things. I don’t need any additional problems to handle. Keep your “revelations” to yourself.

If there’s anyone out there for whom knowledge has ended, can you show yourself? I desperately need kinship. I’m all alone. Please, for the sake of decency if not to save me from a lifetime of pain and suffering.

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