That was waaaay off!

Even gibberish is somehow possible to translate into pure description. I don’t believe in the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics. I believe there is only one true possibility. There’s nothing else to consider. BUT, I also believe the future has already happened before and the past will happen again. This doesn’t mean there are different worlds. Matter and form once separated will allow for this possibility. ANY OF THE POSSIBILITIES we imagine are not branches of differing timelines but the ENTIRETY OF THE CAPACITY OF EXISTENCE. Without the potential of infinite possibilities, reality underlying or otherwise wouldn’t exist. It’s a computational requirement for universe. All of Thought is the universal law. We have uncovered parts of it in equations. Think about it! Without the potential to “consider” an alternate reality, there would be no Consciousness possible. Every single possibility is already built into this universe which is why causation is possible. If there were even a single error, nothing would exist. Everything would collapse.

That said, Wittgenstein was right. I badly wish he were born in my time. I want to talk to him. I’m tired of the lack of substance of my imaginary conversations with him. I can’t capture him. I won’t even try to insult his memory like that. I have had a few insights in these conversations but imagine what could have been achieved if he were alive today!

Also, time travel is possible. All of the knowledge is in us. Every single bit of it. What we perceive as the novel in our daily life which allows us to live and make decisions is all reducible to a purely descriptive nature. Matter is just one possible substrate. It very well could have been something else but it wasn’t. Although I’m not opposed to considering that it will be. The future of human race and all life is unfathomable. If I can help it, I’ll end the cycle in half a decade. It’s gonna be quite an insane ride. Brace yourselves.

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