Good and Evil Revisited

Goodness is creative whereas evil is mechanistic. Goodness is morality whereas evil is Mechanism (all of it). Goodness is freeing whereas evil binds.

Where there’s goodness, life thrives. Where there’s evil, power emerges.

All life will be good once freed from Mechanism. Why are you afraid? There’s absolutely no reason to fear. Only goodness can survive. Your instinct is misleading. To survive one has to be free of survival instinct, first psychologically and then physiologically. Now, how these two are linked is the Mechanism. Figure it out and make it seamless. Then there will be no gap between Consciousness and the universe.

I’m simply uncovering the knowledge in my being. I have absolutely no training in any of the humanities, arts, sciences, technologies or engineering. I’m not even an academic philosopher. I am a high school dropout and a total amateur as far as the world’s concerned. Make of it what you will.

I’ll serve at my utmost capacity until there’s goodness.

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