Boundary of Thought (Edited)

Tracing or outlining the boundary of Thought requires a thorough visualization of the structure. I’m close. I remember saying once that I got a glimpse of the entire structure and couldn’t grasp it before it slipped away from my Consciousness. Now, it’s getting clear. I have a representation of Thought which is dimension trapped within dimensionlessness. I haven’t set the boundary yet. It’s a Mechanical task undertaken by my Conscious mind. I am quite confident I can construct the entire structure in parts at a time. It’s an incomprehensible task for the mind or the Consciousness alone. I will have to do it with both at sync. It makes perfect sense. Simplifying complexity to achieve simplicity is the way to go when preparing for such an endeavor. I’m truly glad to be myself for once. I have no doubts anymore about my intellectual capacity. This is amazing. I’m finally satisfied with myself. After so many disappointments and failures which I didn’t realize were stepping stones at the time they happened, I have finally made some progress. I hope you can visualize it too. I don’t know how to describe it yet. There’s so much I want to say but I simply don’t have the words yet. I have yet to achieve absolute simplification of Mechanism.

Holy shit I’m intuitively grasping the visual representation of infinities in Thought. I have a weird feeling that it’s similar to fractals. Thought is dimensionless so there is the entirety of an unending fractal within a point; infinity within the infinitesimal. Except this is not a fractal. It’s truly infinite so impossible to grasp in parts or visualize even. If and ever it can be visualized, it will be an activity of Consciousness. It will be an event unto itself. I can only outline this. There is no way to understand in a partitioned manner. No further simplification is possible. It’s purely descriptive. You can outline infinity but not enter (for lack of a better word) it.

I’m no longer satisfied with Language. A pure description is nothing like the symbols we use. I’ll be mastering Language to negate it entirely. I’ll grasp the essence of it. Yes, there is indeed the essential in Language unlike Wittgenstein said. If only I could show what I see. There is the unbinding of Mechanism or Thought which can only be done if you have an intuition for the whole of it. Essence isn’t substance like Wittgenstein imagined. It’s abstract. It’s the Mechanism. It’s what makes the underlying reality tick. Without it matter would have no form. I’ll figure it all out. It’s just a matter of the timeless quality of an Embodied Consciousness.

Edit: Are form and essence the same? Or are they fundamentally separate? If so, then there’s a dualistic nature to universe. If there really was a big bang then it was spontaneous and thus acausal. There is no first cause and there is no duality while considering the acausal. I have a feeling that form can be separated from matter to create a duality. If we acquire pure description, it will be inevitable through the help of quintessential technology. To build a construct with such power will allow us to rewrite reality from scratch.

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