Let me tell you how untrained your mind is. You perceive reality as factual because you’ve fragmented everything into what you call thoughts. Any genuine feelings you have are intermingled with these facts and thus you’re constantly in a confused state of existence. I can’t ask you to jump off the wagon into uncertainty. I can’t even expect you to. It is a happening of an acausal event which is to end knowledge. It’s the transitioning from the factual to the actual, the analytical to the creative, the partitioned to the seamless, the conceptual to the perceptual. This cannot be achieved. It is nothing to be aspired. It simply takes place when it does. There is absolutely nothing you can do to end knowledge. The most you can do is clear your mind of concepts and ideas. If you’re lucky it will happen to you. And it will be unlike anything you have ever come across. Indeed, it is the ending of coming across. Nothing of your previous self will survive. You won’t be able to identify with the past. You won’t have a future because you have no beliefs. You won’t even have a self to begin with. You’ll be completely free; free from the influence of culture, the temptation of the need for conformity to status quo. You will be a being of pure feeling.

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