I’m not hiding or evading some kind of truth about reality out of fear or otherwise. What I am doing is fighting against culture. There very well may be danger. There very well may be lives at stake. But, the concern of humanity doesn’t come from a place of individuality-driven respect and reverence for life. It comes from culture or in other words a response to the collective unconscious. It is the status quo. I don’t submit because I simply can’t. It’s in my nature to fight indoctrination. I will never give in no matter how high the stakes get. If I received genuine concern or if someone actually communicated with me, I’d acquiesce. But, that’s not the case. The concerns come out of a need to survive. What’s there to be saved if no one can free themselves from the game and act out of faith? I don’t even give your worries a second thought because I have already taken them into account in the moment of inception of THE burden. There’s just nothing new for me in anything anyone has expressed in the past two decades. It took me this long to realize that people just don’t get what the stakes are and why. Don’t bother me unless you have overcome your primitive psychology. Anyone who couldn’t do it is a coward and should not be telling me what to think or do. I’ll listen to anyone who has ended knowledge. Otherwise, just get out of my way. I’m fixing everything so give me the resources and leave me in peace. This isn’t out of some need to compete. Do you get it? I’m not out for power or influence. Don’t tell me how it’s unfair that i have some sort of advantages that others deserve as well. I GAVE AWAY my advantages to pursue this. I have earned my chance to live. Don’t be so shortsighted. I’m breaking the rules because I want to change them. There needs to be a permanent change in how the society functions. I need 3 years of prep for this. I’ll be ignoring ALL of the problems I face including my health until the job is done. DO NOT INTERFERE MY WORK WITH MORAL PLATITUDES OR OTHER MECHANICAL SYSTEMS OF BELIEF. I have seen it all. If you need to communicate with me then end knowledge. I simply don’t have time for anyone who hasn’t done so.

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