I’m not uncertain with regards to value. I value life. Value like morality is a thing of creativity. What does it mean for something to be of value? When we say it’s inherent we mean it’s something absolute. So, you see? It can’t be subject to the objective or subjective paradigm or duality. If value really is objective then it’s a property. We say objects are of value just the same as we say beings are of value. But, if it’s just a property then it’s tacked on and not inherent. Inherent implies ontology. So, value if inherent can’t be objective. Life isn’t a mere object with properties. If value is subjective then we isolate the subject from it’s surroundings and make it unique in expression. So, in a way on an axiological scale a being which is of subjective value is more valuable than a being with objective value. But, a being the same as any other has psychology and biology comprised of recurring patterns and similar substance, respectively. So, it can’t truly be entirely unique in expression. Consciousness is the only truly unique experience or in other words: qualia. So, what’s valuable and unique is creative.

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