A prelude to my next post on numbers

Shakuntala Devi could recite the answers to her calculations sequentially forwards or backwards. What does that tell you about her ability to process numbers? I feel what she meant. This is the first time I communicated with her genius.

There are rules in Arithmetic, surely. Everyone knows that these rules make calculating an easier task than it would be without them. But, what does it mean metamathematically to observe these rules? Why do they exist? What is their nature? And to think meta-anything involves a deeper delving into psychology as well. Because to pose questions to yourself about the abstracta is to uncover the answer that’s already in your being. The questions arise from the answers themselves. You wouldn’t ask a question if you didn’t already have the capacity to answer it. So, there are really no questions at all. There are only answers. A question is an additional layer to Thought. It’s a false construct. It’s our inability to let go of our survival instinct when thinking about the abstract. Anyone who is proficient in numbers would know that abstract thinking is rife with such inaccuracies. Don’t question anything. I’m going against the common wisdom of questioning everything. Simply unbind. Free yourself from Mechanism. To do this, everyone has to be free. Otherwise it wouldn’t work. Either we’re all free or none of us are. This is the conditional for dissolving The Problem.

What are you gonna do?

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