Can you feel it? We’re bound to the underlying reality by Mechanism. Reality helps us sift through matter. All our reactions are only a response to the underlying reality. We cannot act until we are free. No individual (one who is free of the entirety of culture) is free to act. Theoretically speaking, they can act. But in all good conscience they can’t. The stakes are too high. We tend to think of freedom of action as the ability to do as you please with regards to your goodness and creativity if not the ability to make choices. But, psychology is such that we are susceptible to certain patterns of behavior in response to certain stimuli which varies from person to person but not in all cases. There are common patterns that play out in each of us the same way. Until our Consciousnesses are free or in other words until and unless the collective unconscious is made seamless or absent or completely erased, none of us are free to act.

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