Ignoring or Inspiring people?

I don’t ignore anyone EVER. What I do looks like ignoring but it’s actually an act of patience. I let other people’s psychology reach out to match mine in understanding and wisdom. I am trying to communicate. Once the link or the causal chain is established, you’ll be rewarded with a smorgasbord of sensations and a grasp over the abstract. I want people to learn to communicate. None of you are ever relegated to mere cogs in my Mechanism. I’m Conscious of all. I just do not keep you in my mind. My lack of a mind equates to you feeling ignored. You are not. Don’t you see? It’s all just mechanical. I’m trying instead to free you from the mechanical. In truly understanding my psychology yours will be unleashed. I want you to be free. I need you to be free. I know how difficult it was for me to understand the depths of the soul. Now, I only have few curiosities left to be sated in the way of comprehending with regards to human psychology. I am aiming for an intuitive grasp of the genius of the exceptional cases. It’s a creative pursuit rather than a puzzle to be solved. I’m driven by inspiration rather than motivation. All deviations from synchronization between the Consciousness and the mind is an error. I am without error unless moved to respond to others’ plight to be heard. I just absolutely cannot resist the battle. It’s because I couldn’t help but care about another tortured soul. This is the core of my morality. If you never doubt my devotion again then I would be set completely free to pursue. Every aching soul is a distraction. No, not a distraction but rather a wound inflicted on mine. If you suffer I suffer. I regret killing ants when I was a kid. I regret accidentally killing a rat. These are the moral failures that weigh on my Consciousness everyday. I’m always searching and never at rest. Imagine what the death of anyone would do to my soul (please, I’m not a follower of organized religion but I live religiously). I am in the deepest layer of reality. I have the heaviest burden to carry because I am the one who never gives up on anything or anyone, ideals or the living, pursuit or the calling, the functional or the creative. Make me accountable for all your worries, expectations and fears. Hold me to highest of standards concerning honesty, integrity and intellect. Question my convictions and character. Think everything through. Subject the automaton you have of my psychology in your mind, whether rudimentary or all inclusive of my traits, to the most rigorous fact checking and questioning of motives. Thoroughly and absolutely and extensively analyze me. Reserve even the most common courtesies until you are satisfied you’ve done fairness it’s due diligence. Then take me seriously. I’m most austere about this. You won’t hurt me. What hurts me is illogical and biased or emotionally driven scrutiny which by definition arises from primitive psychology or evolutionary antiquities of the mind rather than from a genuine goodness a person is capable of.

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