Apology or giving Fairness it’s due diligence

I owe the distinguished individuals I criticized as being pseudo intellectuals, an apology. I’m talking of the heralds of the new atheism movement. They never intended any harm. In fact, now I’m aware of how their nurturing played a vital role in my personal growth. I subscribed to the shared reverence at first only to then contradict it by subscribing to the pocket of culture that questioned their proficiency in their respective fields by calling them mere pop scientists. My criticism, although matching the commonly shared concerns word to word, originated from a slightly different space of thought. I felt let down and hurt. It wasn’t the intellect that was susceptible to doubt but that I craved for more from them since they were my heroes from my childhood. I wanted them along in my pursuits. I realize in retrospect that this was unfair to expect when they’d already provided inspiration. Each person has an intellectual journey of his/her own to pursue. I pursued mine and it wouldn’t have been possible without these first stepping stones. It wasn’t intellectually honest on my part to say such harsh things particularly about Neil and Sam. I was no different than anyone else who criticized them for not doing everything for them. It’s not the job of intellectuals to spoon feed but only to inspire. The pursuit will ever be mine as an individual. And for all that I’ve said and more I apologize. I’m humbled. I will do my best to finish what you started. There’ll be no rest for me as long as there’s no rest for the wicked in their evil doings. After all evil can be eradicated thoroughly and ought to be and will be. You can hold me accountable with regards to whether I end up proving myself as intellectually honest as time goes by and whether progress ends up being expectedly consistent as per my radical claims.

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