Solutions to the problems of psyche

Truly all-encompassing solutions to the ultimate problems with varying degrees of complexity and seemingly random nature take time, unfortunately. This makes my behavioral pattern resemble a sphere of jumbled up psychological objects like emotions, inconsistencies and other eccentricities until everything collapses to a point making mind invisible which is to say without interference from Thought. I’m trying to converge on this point. Everything may look chaotic and unpredictable. But, if what I’m saying is true then what does it mean to say that there is this convergence taking place? Could there be a formula or law or many of them underlying the process. Is there just one point of convergence or are there several being achieved? What difference would it truly make since it’s a dimensionless occurrence? Do my statements confuse you or evoke your own personal inquiry into your own mind and also a curiosity about mine as well? What will be your decision (intellectually) in light of all the things I’m saying? Am I crazy or is the world impatient? Does this question fall into a false category in regards to relevance? I’m interested in anything and everything that’s there to be considered mentally as a means to strive for absolute clarity which is the clearing away or absence of a mind. Until I’m left permanently without a self as in it disappears never to emerge again, I won’t rest. I will be damned if I fail anyone, human or animal, as long as there’s goodness left in a single subject experiencing existence. I will not fail in living but only in death. My will is unshakeable. My sense of goodness is incorruptible.

I was not joking when I said my psyche extends to and weighs the entire world. I’m waiting in quiet desperation to unleash myself onto the world. When I do, the world will be irreversibly changed for the better. Watch me do the nigh impossible.

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