To me an experience isn’t something to be merely felt but ‘something’ to be taken into utmost intellectual consideration. It’s to be subjected to careful study in order to discover an underlying universal law or mathematical formula or several of both by identifying patterns. These patterns will of course be disjointed and disconnected from each other in the case of most experiences. Each experience will most likely be unique in how it occurs as an event in matter but not in essence although you will uncover or reveal same laws in most of them. These recurring patterns are the blueprints of reality. They give away the Thought structure.

What is this uniqueness in expression of Mechanism in matter in each instance which while being essential is still unresolved as a case in itself? These non-periodic patterns while composed of smaller repeating patterns seem like the boundaries of existentially explorable realms of Thought/Image and yet they represent a boundless capacity in expression by the mere mixing and matching of forms to create irregularities on the plane of reality. They’re tacked on to the underlying reality. This tacked on reality is what we perceive and try to derive truths out of.

Key words: experience, formula, law,pattern, unique, essence, blueprint, reality, thought, structure, Mechanism, image, plane, realm, existence, irregularity, perceive, derive.

What do these words point to in reality? Language is merely explanatory. Where in all of our quests scientific or philosophically inclined have we discovered anything actually describing underlying reality using Language but for the inner workings of our minds? Can we even observe the mind? What do we know about anything? Universal laws and formulas are also just measurements. They serve as utility. We are making constructs from our Language which is part of Thought itself not yet entirely revealed in it’s structure. All there is as a tool is Thought which is Mechanism. These two are indistinguishable from each other. Mechanism is abstract and so is Thought. Both are structural, ontologically speaking. Matter is the substrate which links Mechanism to the underlying reality in the way that it’s tacked on to it. Reality underlying and perceptual are experienced by us seamlessly but in conceptualizing to gain control of material existence we are sifting through it to make the Mechanism perfect. All we are doing in all our activities is trying to reveal the entire structure of Thought. We won’t succeed in doing this unless we stop conceptualizing in order to separate our existence from nature. How can you separate yourself from nature? All philosophical problems will be clarified once Mechanism is made seamless but to do this, Consciousness has to be freed from it first. All our happenings are in matter, especially Thought.

I am trying to reveal the source of thought or rather find out where causality originated. If there is a first cause then it’s absolute and acausal because spontaneity is acausal. Our perception which receives Thought and Mechanism through the senses functions in matter. But, there truly is no way to understand an acausal event which is the only event, essentially.

Key word: Is perception the same as reality? Or are they dualistic in nature? Do they fit together like Lego blocks or are they essentially different yet seamless? What is this seamlessness or invisible mechanism? Is this invisibility a happening which itself is subject to study? Is seamlessness or invisibility acausal? Is this the first cause? What can be more irreducible than this? There is no further reduction possibly conceivable. Irreducibility of nature is the first cause and nothing precedes it. It encompasses all of reality itself. We have experimented on matter for millennia. Have we ever been able to reduce it any further? Matter exists primordially just like the Thought structure. I rest my case. I’m done with metaphysics. There’s only the Mechanism left to be perfected in matter. Nothing more to consider.

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