You I won’t say a single harsh word to. I’m only addressing everyone else except for you. I’m very vulnerable and gentle with you. You are in my most good of graces. I apologize for making you feel like it was all directed at you. I took the risk of making it seem like my concerns were open-endedly addressed or even at you but it wasn’t. You I wouldn’t wish any animosity or aggression or assertiveness upon. Whatever I wish to you will be invisible to your sensibilities in the way of harshness. I only have love for you, never-ending and absolute. I am sorry that I had to express myself continuously over a period of the past few days without clarifying or alluding as to whom it was addressed to. Anyone I love or consider my friend already has my unshakeable devotion for always and ever. Never doubt my love for you even if it goes unrequited permanently or momentarily. I am and always shall be at your service.

Or at least that’s how the ideal goes. The thing is there are 1000s of things bothering me and I don’t know how to be fair to all of it and which part of my psychology to submit to. Absolute uncertainty doesn’t help me much either. It makes every single decision however minute into a test of goodness, logic and will.

I won’t stop until I’ve learned to love everyone. Only then can I make them excel. All 7.8 billion of you. I promise.

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