As long as you consume content whether that’s intelligent or mere entertainment, your mind will reflect it to be the case in others as well. I don’t consume at all, quite literally with regards to my intellectual activity. I only clarify. This is why I can’t listen to podcasts where the environment is such that everything is diluted and made so that everyone seems satisfied in the end and all that’s achieved at best is a good night’s sleep. I can’t ever express in a diluted form. I long to be obliterated intellectually so that I’m left to gather myself and reconstruct until I’m without errors in perception. Only absolute perfection will do. Don’t confuse this with Nietzsche’s insanity driven philosophy of yes-man attitude towards life or the overcoming of psyche. No such thing. That guy didn’t free himself. He thought that through mere experiences one can achieve perfection. That’s a fundamentally flawed perception. Experiences are repetitive and a yes-man is not without conflict because he hasn’t eked out an understanding of the underlying patterns in psychology. Such a man isn’t free of his own survival instinct. Then what has he overcome? No wonder he was left without a candle in the abyss doomed to forever be in search for meaning because of his lack of failure to recognize the essential and thus driven to madness.

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