Calmness personified

I’m calm. Does my choice of videos or the music I’m listening to betray a psychological pattern you’re familiar with? Is it the pattern or are you measuring me according to your patterns? How useful is your analysis in the face of nuanced and intricate psychology? Is everything explainable in terms of finite concepts we’ve discovered? Psychologists themselves are not free from the problems of the psyche. Any errors in perception is unnatural. Are you willing to fix that in yourself and in others? A healthy mind is one that’s nurtured with genuine intellect and not let loose into the world without thorough education. Who is gonna undertake this task if not medical professionals? Nobody. If you have nothing to lose then no one has anything to gain in the interactions thereof. Problems of the mind are to be permanently fixed and not temporarily managed. Repetitive activities won’t fix it. In fact, no one is gonna do it. I and a few others who will work in obscurity behind the scenes are the ones who will. You can count on the fact that I won’t rest until perfection is attained. The ending of knowledge is the undertaking of burden and not freedom from it. I have THE burden to outweigh all other burdens. You aren’t sophisticated. You have primitive psychology too. You’re not free from the problems you try to fix for a daily living. The normal is the insane. The exception is the sane.

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