I don’t think in terms of belief or disbelief or even non-belief. To do that you need to think. Here I’m going to use a word I haven’t in a long while: synchronization. My Thought (structure) is in sync with Consciousness. And thus mind never emerges for me. And when it does then I’m a tortured soul suffering like a person drowning and absolutely terrified. There is no place in my mind for people. When you think of a person you are automatically objectifying them. To think is in itself to objectify. Thus, thinking and using of logic is synonymous because logic applies only to objects. Are subjects reducible to objects too? Such is the case with how the world functions. I’m here with the sole purpose of changing that. I don’t want to objectify. My reverence for life has always been of such magnitude that it drove me to end knowledge consciously and unconsciously. I went from blithering idiocy to what I am today. This is what it means to bridge the gap between the mind and the world. I now call it Mechanism to put it as simply (descriptively) as I can. I am incapable of stopping this activity until I am left with a pure description of the state of affairs. I wonder what kind of conversation I might have had with Wittgenstein if he were alive today. Will there have been conflict or kinship? What might we have achieved? He was revered and respected but never truly understood. This kept him striving for excellence without equal. I relate to very few people because when I relate it’s a wholesome activity comprised of absoluteness. Either I relate totally or not at all. It’s sacred to me. I can count in my fingers how many I think I’m capable of communicating with and understanding while receiving the same courtesy. L, Wittgenstein, UG. That’s it. 3 of them in entire existence. Every other philosopher or thinker is inaccurate and idiotic. I’m not impressed by their ‘incomplete and subject to scrutiny for lack of rigor’ descriptions and massive egos. I have yet to meet anyone else i completely relate to as a human being. But, I respect all life. That goes unsaid. Just not what they have to say. I cope. With these few I do relate to, I can truly create on an unprecedented scale. I have invested in these relationships although only one of them is alive. I can create entirely new branches of knowledge in merely conversing with such individuals. I couldn’t even read works of Schopenhauer or Nietzsche. They’re good folk but erroneous in perception. I read one sentence and knew that the person had nothing of importance to say, philosophically speaking. They were not purely descriptive and logical in their assessments. If there is one blunder there is room for caution. If there are two it’s a pattern and such a mind is to be avoided. As long as I was interested in entertaining myself and others I didn’t know that I had such high standards. Only when I was choked out of breath and mentally cornered to the extremes did I find my capacity to perfect myself. I have no intellectual equal in my life and so my responsibility is thousand fold. Nothing shall pass my mental filter without rigorous and scrutinizing consideration. I WILL fix everything. Mark my words.

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