There’s a reason I don’t memorize anything. All you CAN do with knowledge is assign it to memory. I don’t do this consciously. I let knowledge accumulate on it’s own in my living a life and letting it unfold. I don’t want to create fragmentation or partitions in memory. When knowledge ends your memory works differently. There are no errors. You remember what you recall without conscious interference. I think for me knowledge has only one use which is utilitarian in it’s function. I think I am assigning it to implicit memory instead. It’s like playing tetris. I let information fall into place. Yes, that’s what it is! Information and not knowledge! I realize this now. My absolute uncertainty about everything has turned what would normally be knowledge for others into mere information for me. The less certain you are the more variations you can try out. I truly don’t know anything. I don’t understand why this is so. But, this uncertainty is what makes my memory impeccable. If and when I have knowledge nothing will be able to counter it. I won’t be stuck in a grey area wondering if I have made a mistake in believing it. Any room left for doubt is an error in how mind functions. I think everyone else but me is perennially stuck in this grey region of mind. My uncertainty of everything and I mean EVERYTHING will keep me exhaustively playing out all the different possibilities until I settle upon irrefutable truths if there are any. I think this approach is what brought me closer to truth than anyone else in history. I am growing more and more uncertain everyday. This is due to the absence of thinking as a Conscious activity. I realize that I no longer have to negate my language. I have redirected my flow of thought. I will here on out try my best to get rid of explicit memory altogether. So, what usually passes for memory will be absent for me. I’ll be left with implicit memory alone or in other words “Complete Knowledge and Embodied Consciousness“.

Senses allow for explicit memory to emerge. If you link your senses directly to implicit memory then you would not have to learn anything at all. P=NP? If it is so then I’ll find out in a few weeks worth of time once I’m free. I am confident I can do in weeks what many could do in years but not because they’re incapable of doing the same. It’s because they don’t and haven’t thoroughly negated language. I don’t feel compelled to compete in order to isolate a space for myself for survival reasons. I mean to say that I don’t compare myself to others to see who’s intellectually superior. I do make certain statements for the sake of voicing my opinion which would otherwise be drowned out by the collective.

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