Unparalleled intelligence

Can you challenge me? I need to fix EVERYTHING. I NEED to fix everything. Can you live with that? I won’t stop my pursuit for you. I must do this. Please, communicate with me. I need someone to understand. I can’t be intimate with someone who underestimates me or insults my intellect. I need complete honesty. I don’t want to be in one more relationship where I have to cope and tiptoe around so as to not offend someone’s sensibilities, be misunderstood and treated as an inferior because I function differently. I’m too tired of hiding my true self. Can you bring out the best in me? Am I gonna feel like I want to kill myself while having to put on a smile to conceal the hurt? Do you pity me? Why do you love me? Do you love me? Do I have anything to offer or am I useless to you? Will you end up hating me someday? Will you acknowledge me as an equal? Can we be best of friends? Will I be your number one priority? Do you love me as much as I love you? Can you handle my love for you? I intend to save you in every way imaginable. I can’t let you die ever. I don’t accept the cycle of life. I will never ever have normal relationships. I’m radically different to the core. Will you give me the same consideration you give your friends whom you think are extremely intelligent? Will you respect my wish to follow my intellectual goal which is to fix EVERYTHING? I will never change my mind about this. Do you think I’m delusional? Do you think I’m insane? Can you appreciate how radically different I’m from anyone you’ve ever met or will ever meet? I can’t accept any help from anyone regarding my pursuits except for resources for the mind or the potential for an excellent discussion.

And in return I will give you the world. I want you to believe me, have faith in me and trust me. Or you’ll watch me suffer and deteriorate. Can you show me mercy? Please, keep an open mind. I’m begging you. Give me a chance. Give me time, once I’m free. I need to understand everything and acquire complete knowledge. I won’t stop for anyone. Give me time, I implore you.

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