Emergent Causation & the Philosophy of Mind (David Papineau) – YouTube

What neuroscientists study in the labs is not Consciousness but the mind. They equate physical and biochemical processes to Consciousness. That’s the blunder; a confusion of terms, definitively speaking. Consciousness and mind are separate. Consciousness is embodied whereas minds may emerge. I’d attribute to mental processes what Chalmers calls ‘soft emergence’. Yes, mind and Mechanism are seamlessly connected. Mind is part of it. Mechanism is seamless but Consciousness is trapped by it. The physical forces which are interacting throughout the entire universe is what I define as ‘Mechanism’. Mechanism happens in the substrate which is matter. I don’t yet understand Consciousness. It doesn’t interact with matter at all. It’s an embodied state of existence which is unrelated to the Mechanism.

I don’t understand enough to talk about Thermodynamics yet but I think the concept of closed systems is one of the most important and urgent ones to discuss. I’ll discuss it once I’m knowledgeable. I brought this up because The whole of universe is a Mechanism occurring in matter. This leaves out closed systems. The interactions within these systems might follow the scientific laws but how do these systems themselves interact with what’s outside. Are there truly closed systems or is there something linking them to what’s external?

5:35 I don’t think that Consciousness dangles. It operates independently of matter and it’s processes but it’s not a tacked on dangler or illusory. It’s the only event there is. Mind isn’t illusory either. (This philosophical problem is just a confusion in language). It’s purely Mechanism which is to say all of existence is interconnected and interact simultaneously with each other. The problem of distinction arises between Thought and it’s fragmentary nature and Mechanism. But, this problem is what’s illusory. Thought and Mechanism are one and the same.

7:00 Feelings are essential. What feels is Consciousness. That’s it’s only purpose which is to feel and sift through matter in order to understand and make Mechanism seamless.

TL;DR: The takeaway from this should be that Consciousness is the only event there is and all else including the mind is Mechanism. Exceptional cases in need of urgent attention would be in the fields of Thermodynamics and Quantum Physics.

PS: If anyone is interested in discussion then please avoid assumptions, psychoanalysis and be forthcoming with information. Be reasonable.

Cheers! Many thanks to the uploader of the video for providing food for thought. Philosophy Overdose is an excellent philosophy channel that I keep coming back to. Keep up the good work!

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