I once said I don’t differentiate between Thought and mechanism. But, I’d like to add more context to present it in a descriptive way. I don’t think anymore that thoughts as we know them or speak of them and deal in them are actually objects in the real sense. I think Thought is a structure and it’s all there is to mind. Thought is an occurrence. I hesitate to call it a process because a process is fragmentary. So, speaking with insight, finally, I can say that Thought is an event that’s somehow linked to consciousness. This doesn’t mean that they’re in a sequence although the words I’m using imply this. Thoughts don’t exist at all, not even as illusions. There is only the happening which is the whole structure. Here on out I’ll use the word ‘Thought’ to mean just the structure and not what passes for a definition of the word in culture.

So, what are the words we write down on a piece of paper or type on a notepad? We have been used to calling them thoughts but they aren’t. They represent what we think (I’m looking for an alternative to this word or maybe I’ll scrap it altogether) is thought. But, they’re just scribblings or etchings on or in matter. Everything is material. There is no other substrate in the universe.

This brings up the question of energy. What is energy? It’s defined as work done by a force. But, that explanation leaves out the occurrence itself undescribed. What is it? Does it have form too? Is it a different kind of matter that can only be deduced and observed to be so at a scale of the subatomic? Or do we have to go smaller than that? Is it infinitesimal? There’s more concrete understanding of matter but energy is what, exactly?

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