Negating Language

What is knowledge? Well, explanations surely lie in the realm of knowledge. But, what would a pure description look like? If you negate language entirely then what’s there to be described? So, a pure description if there is such a thing would be the Act of meditation.
Meditation would involve description of sorts in the purest form, imaginable. A pure description would be knowledge but it gets tricky because to know something is either a positive or neutral reaction in Thought. You have to “add” or modify something in order to know. I’m beginning to suspect that the first cause if there is such a thing is the only addition in and of the entire universe. And subtracting/negating would mean you now don’t have that knowledge, wouldn’t it? Actually, not quite but that’s a different can of worms altogether (The knowledge loses it’s function and form but it’s still there in memory. Does memory not have form? What is memory, definitely and essentially?). What happens or rather would be happening if/when you negate Language? Does it have to be temporally defined? We naturally assume that all the happenings are of time. I’m bringing up time because I don’t know what the nature of this negation would be, materially. What happens in matter when you negate? What is this process of negation? Is it the opposite of thinking? Because thinking is a process, but it’s also illusory. So is negation illusory too? Referring to an earlier post? I remember saying something on the topic of illusions. But, I can’t quite remember which one. I don’t understand how this nullification of Thought happens. What actually happens when a thought is nullified? What is the nature of this occurrence? Is it an occurrence? Mystery abounds. I’ll answer it eventually. I’ll post something on Consciousness and/or memory soon.

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