Complete Knowledge Referring to the post above, I would go one step further and say we’re gonna find a pure description but to do that we need the help of Consciousness. We can make leaps in technology and understanding that doesn’t have to be incremental. Consciousness can appear into the sandbox of Thought at any point and any time. Time is mechanical too because it’s a concept just the same as any other as it originates from Thought. Thought is abstract. Consciousness is the missing link in this sandbox (which is not really a sandbox because it’s a two-dimensional object which is Thought) which can attain complete knowledge. Thought is incapable of doing this. Thought cannot gain a total knowledge of itself. In Thought lies all of knowledge and if you can analyze one thought thoroughly (and I cannot stress this enough), you’ll have all the knowledge there is. And there is only one thought and it’s the whole structure of Thought. Thought cannot be split. There’s only the structure which is Thought. And it doesn’t exist. We made it up, folks! It’s abstract but it’s power over everything is absolute.

Let that sink in. Please, take your time. Maybe you can’t understand what I’m saying because knowledge hasn’t ended for you. I hope it does and I don’t even rely on it in any facets of my life or on any level. I mean this in all honesty and in reverence for all life.

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