Defying boundaries as opposed to stretching them

Thinking/Thought contrasted against Consciousness is typical to be considered limited in scope and use. But, in actuality they’re both radically different from each other. The former is a movement while the latter is creative.

Consider the analogy of Thinking as the space within a circle that’s expanding thus increasing the length of the circumference indefinitely. I hesitate to use a sphere analogy because i think that Thinking is a dimensionless happening and can only be represented on a two-dimensional plane, the plane being static. This two-dimensional image is Thought. There’s a catch here regarding Thought which I’ll get to in the span of the next few lines of text. And consider, Consciousness to be like the uncertainty of the vacuum state allowing a virtual particle like gluon to pop in and out of existence. While, I don’t understand the complexity of quantum mechanics, much less be able to solve the equations in quantum chromodynamics, I think the analogy is structurally sound. Thought being static, truly, as it’s set or fixed as a representation and Consciousness being analogous to a vacuum state which has quantum fluctuations as a property as dictated by uncertainty principle being universal are different enough to be considered radically separate at least in the context of the thought experiment being presented here.

The catch i referred to earlier is that this expansion of the circle driven by this Thinking process will eventually have to come to a halt because Thought as it gets increasingly complex will become impossible to build meaningful constructs out of, as Thinking will eventually hit limitations in dissolving “The Problem” that it created by itself and poses itself, to be solved by Thought. Thinking/Thought will forever be within the bounds of that metaphorical circle once all variations are exhaustively played out.

Here’s where Consciousness comes in. It’s the only event there is. Only it has the creativity to dissolve “The Problem” because it has no rules like Thought nor boundaries like Thinking. It’s free and thus defies.

EDIT: I know that I’ve used the word “event” before but my understanding is getting better as in I’m fixing the errors in my mind. I think the events that I’ve talked about previously are really not events at all. Also, the analogy of Consciousness that I used here will be made clear if one referred to the previous blog posts on the said topic. It seems apt. Although I might flesh it out more in this post or a separate one in the future.

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