What if?

What I wanna know is why are certain things the way they are? What makes them the way they are? Why do we have to accept them as they are? Clearly, because we need a fixed starting point to build something up? But, what is this starting point? What happens between there being nothing and there emerging a starting point? What is this event? Ought we to understand it thus perceiving it in fragments or to take it as a whole? What does taking it as a whole mean? What does anything mean in that respect? In what respect? What is reliability or sensibility? What’s fundamental? And what is “fundamental”? Why should there be anything fundamental? Is there anything fundamental? I’m asking the questions before which no sort of explanations or even descriptions (chronologically or sequentially speaking) exist. Can these questions be answered? Are we doomed in pursuit of the ultimate whatsoever-it-may-be because there exist acausal events to which there are no explanations even imaginable? Where do we go from here? Why go? And why where? What even is? What is “is”? Can there ever be answers to such questions? Don’t these questions show us the limitations of reality itself, underlying or otherwise? For these to be anything reasonable and sensible we have to begin with something, whatever it may be. What is so appealing about fixed points? Can points be anything other than fixed? By points I don’t just mean a dimensionless existence. It can also mean something like Thought itself. Is Thought dimensionless? Thoughts are fragmented after all and thus fixed points. But, fixed where? In space? Or do they precede space because they are without dimension? So if thoughts are dimensionless then why do they feel so tactile? I mean this in the sense that you can obviously point to yourself thinking a thought. But, what are we pointing at? What is really happening? What do we mean by “pointing at a thought”? Isn’t this also a happening of thought? I hesitate to call it an activity because that would imply free will. We don’t act but merely react. All our so-called actions are but reactions. All the events happen through the medium of matter. Or do they? Are there events that don’t materialize but still somehow exist? Don’t we accord existence to tangibility? I’ve said in the past that forms must be primordial if anything. But, what are forms composed of? Are they observable?

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