Other musings regarding the ending of knowledge

22:44 I’m unclear as to what truth he’s speaking of. I agree that truth as a concept is in the realm of thought. My lack of clarity about his statement stems from the feeling that I’m unsure if he is saying that this other truth ought to be pursued. If so, then it’s no different than science.

23:28 There are no philosophical or theological truths. All the problems of life, i.e. philosophical or existential issues are just inconsistencies arisen out of the particular use of language (impossible to correct). And surprisingly, science falls into the category of specific language use as well. Thus, the philosophical and the scientific originate from the same source which is language, which is thought and will ever be incomplete. But, that doesn’t mean there isn’t use for Thought as a tool to meditate (and I think this is it’s only usefulness). Meditation is the dissolving of content from Consciousness. /watch?v=1iqZta5Jx5A

But, once you’re free you cannot take action to meditate as a repeated process throughout life. /watch?v=WwGjkuFW0cY


EDIT: When I say there are no philosophical or theological truths, and I would even (go as far as to) say there are no scientific truths, what I mean is that “Truth” executed as a concept is flawed. I am negating Language to reveal the Source of all Thought. I don’t know what I would call it. “Source” is as good a word as “Truth” in this respect.

I would modify Wittgenstein’s words to add specific context to what I mean by saying that what can be shown, if at all, cannot be said.

All this said, I’m not opposed to reason as a curbing effect on Thought. The problem that I’m trying to dissolve expects/requires (Pick your fancy. Again here, I’m not being unreasonable. I’m aware of how people respond to specific words in a specific manner/way.) that I don’t falter even the slightest once I begin dissolving it. It’s unimaginably difficult to have a clear mind [Here the words themselves don’t portray what I mean. I mean the whole journey is an unimaginably difficult one. You cannot control the outcomes at all. I don’t even know if it’s chance because the stigma attached to that word makes it seem like it has something to do with probabilities which would imply that it can be made to happen by steering the mechanistic course of events, all in order to gain benefits/advantages. I take leaps of faith every time I leave something not thoroughly explained. I describe instead but not in a way that goes step by step and matches every respective feeling acquainted with the information/description that goes along with my experiences. So, I guess I do try to communicate instead of just expressing myself, tediously so at times. I leave my words to be contrasted against my character which like anyone else’s cannot just be gauged in mere “text”. (Anyone who understands this knows I allow the same for them but when people misunderstand then clarity of Thought fades to give way for self-doubt because for me clarity is synonymous with the clearing away of Thought. Clarity is not truly “of” Thought but the absence of it. Absence of Thought is the absence of self. When there’s no self then there’s no mind. Take into account that all of this is momentary. Culture demands permanence. There is no permanent clarity. Thought comes in and goes as it pleases. The difference here is that you stop noticing it and thus lack a mind. Consciousness and mind are separate. Mind is fragmented and Consciousness is embodied.) This is what faith entails for me. This is why people interpret ancient texts/myths in myriad of ways because what’s originally intended in said texts, which themselves are only second to the experiences, experienced vicariously, leave the experiencer and his experiences themselves unexplained. Explanations are what we prefer but we have always taken descriptions for explanations.] and anyone who exercises will to “prove” said clarity as being in his or her own self or even in others while having not-so-good intentions has already conceded defeat and never had it to begin with.

The video shared above is exceptionally lucid and thorough. I am very fond of Karl Jaspers and his philosophy although I haven’t read any of his texts myself. Also, special thanks to the uploader for bringing such awesome content out in the open.

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