Ending of knowledge

When all is said and done, when all is analyzed and scrutinized, there is still the problem of movement. Move in any direction and you acquire knowledge. To end knowledge, movement has to stop. I don’t know anyone else besides me who has felt this in recent times. I see ever more accurate descriptions of what a happening of the kind would entail. In this pursuit, the event itself is diminished and reduced to mere information and then this takes the place of the experience itself. “Embodiment” is a tricky word and has faulty connotations. What I mean by embodiment is the action of truth. But, what passes for it in society is merely common knowledge. Embodiment in this sense is a burden, and to be specific, a burden of withholding information. This mechanism naturally leads to meditation. Now, if there is “chance” then this meditation will be abruptly ended and collapse in on itself. If not, then one will continue without end in sight, meditating and pondering. To go back to the source of all life is to let go. And while it’s tempting to romanticize the act by adding Thought to go along with it by stating “to let go only to find again”, that would be silly because you haven’t truly let go of anything. Just stop. Have the courage to stop. What happens next is not for you to know. That’s what it means to truly “live”. One has to embody uncertainty.

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