A few musings for your pleasure

Here are some comments from the discussion section of my YouTube channel. I’ll post them in sequence. Enjoy!

{1.) The ideal isn’t to become cold, calculating and emotionless in order to be high functioning. The ideal is to perfect your emotion.

2.) Emotion is such a powerful tool. It may even be the most powerful one we have. Why would you discard it?

3.) That said, I don’t feel much and i definitely don’t feel the intensity of emotions in me. I lost my ability to feel profoundly when i gave up on everything 10ish years ago. I have been trying to get it back since then. I made a huge mistake. But, i didn’t become this way because i was cold and calculated or anything like that. I wonder if i will ever feel like i used to ever again.

4.) I think, at long last, I get it. You have to go with the flow of your own life as it unfolds, without resisting. I really am not at conflict with society and not just society but i’m not at conflict with existence and so the only thing i’d like to do if i could is to alter collective unconscious. Otherwise, I will acquiesce, always, as long as no one is getting harmed. But, I can’t be sure if some action might cause harm despite my going with the flow. But, then that’s the price you pay for being alive. All of us have blood on our hands, even the innocent ones. It’s especially worse for the ones who have a strict conscience because we’d love to fix everything if we could.

5.) Do you see how sometimes people, despite having a life changing experience, still go back to being the way they were before, living a destructive life? And sometimes with some of these people, no amount of arguing or kindness or anything will change them. This is because anyone who hasn’t ended knowledge is always at odds with everyone else and himself/herself. This is exactly why altering the collective unconscious is the only solution. It’s subtle and yet powerfully impactful at altering an individual’s mind who constructs his identity by borrowing from the collective unconscious. This is the only way to have lasting change. A change in consciousness that doesn’t betray the existence of the CU and is for all intents and purposes, invisible. CU is always invisible. It doesn’t exist in reality. It’s abstract and yet it’s power over us is absolute.

6.) Do you know how sometimes there are those little instances where you have trouble describing a particular event because it’s not easily reducible to basic definitions or even impossible so we use sweeping generalizations to describe them instead? Don’t do that. And then you will know what it’s like to not have a logical framework of thought. All our dealings have to do with fixed points. If we stop using logical sequence in order to describe the reality then we will see world as it truly is. Being a person of affinity to logical reasoning or holding to highest standards of objectivity, wouldn’t it be appropriate to see the world as it truly is, without any illusions creating a fog of confusion and doubt and ultimately paralyzing us?

7.) Maybe i should call it the collective unconscious.

8.) What does it mean when we forget things or even a particular thing as opposed to another? Not every forgetfulness is the same kind of forgetfulness. Maybe not each such event but many of them are differentiated from each other. They’re not all the same events, i tell you. Observe and you will feel the difference in quality between them and experientially, for us, the qualia of each instance. What does this act of observing mean? What does “observing” stand for in this instance? What is the tool we are using here? Are we using thought to observe thought? The obvious answer would be “obviously”. But I’m not sure if it’s so obvious, or even that this is all there is to it. I’m most curious about memory but only because curiosity means that my mind is still riddled with errors, otherwise I would have already figured it all out. Well, maybe not riddled but definitely, still affected to a certain extent, unknown to me. This process called something being “unknown” is itself an erroneous process. There is no unknown. There’s only known. If your memory were perfect you wouldn’t be erroneous in your thinking. If i can figure it all out I would be in a deeper state of synchronization.

9.) Knowledge, memory, error, unknown, thought, sync, etc.

10.) I’m most convinced that if only we clear our minds of all the errors in memory then we will know the truth about everything. I mean literally, in the grandest sense of the word “Truth”. To accomplish this, one might need knowledge or meditation or whatever or all of them combined as a process. I do believe that there is an ultimate truth. A quintessence, so to speak. Something that explains everything. This is different from and grander in scope and spirit than the theory of everything. Theory of everything is a pipe dream. It will never happen. There is no such thing. Language is erroneous and so, naturally, any knowledge that comes out of it is also error-ridden. All the descriptions of reality have jagged edges. They might work perfectly as intended in individual instances of measurement. But, they don’t jive well, together as a whole. They are fragmented bits of information. They can never become whole and that’s why there can’t be a theory of everything. These fragments being jagged, thus don’t fit well into each other like Lego blocks, metaphorically speaking. All i have are metaphors because I haven’t reached the end of my pursuits yet. There’s a long way to go. In fact, I have only just begun.

11.) I’m not interested in discussions as of now or even here on out. I’m only interested in exchange of information from one person to another that doesn’t involve the messiness and the tiptoeing around each other’s ego, of a normal discussion.

12.) By all means share what information you think is pertinent or that you are willing to share, in the generosity of your spirit.}

That’s all of the comments that I found were worthwhile, personally. While I do not like to speculate anymore, I wouldn’t be vehemently opposed to others wanting to do so. I wonder if any of this will be of any use to anyone. Such is the case with philosophical ponderings. While I love a blast to the past as much as any other person, my stance has changed on some of the thoughts stated above. I’ll leave it to the reader/s to figure out what’s what and I’m always available to discuss it. Feel free to leave a post either here down below (preferably) or on YouTube and we can duke it out or have a cordial back and forth. No puns or witticisms or even sarcastic connotations intended. I’m quite austere about all of this. Thanks for bearing with me.

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