Dissolving eccentricities and constructs alike in pursuit of clarity.

Not all that’s typed is right. Not all that’s “right”, where typed words are concerned are necessarily continuous or even fragmentary. What’s right is in the realm of morality. Morality is neither subjective nor objective. It’s neither continuous nor fragmentary. It cannot be partitioned. It’s not descriptive and thus not prescriptive. Morality is an act of pure creativity. It transcends reality. We are bound by mechanisms. Our bodies are guided and shaped by underlying and primordial nature of existence which lies beyond perception and is only felt. Our senses connect us to this underlying nature whereas what we perceive through sight is not felt. We are beings of two worlds: One which is illusory (i.e. reality or properties) and another which is true (i.e. sensory or feeling and actual. A thing-in-itself can be felt.) Properties are information. They’re conceptual or abstract. Truth is the physical existence and not factual because facts are just informational and sequential. What is a sequence if not structural? Structures are constructs. All constructs are of the mind. We don’t construct. We don’t even create. We are stuck in a limbo of sorts. I don’t yet know how to work out the structure of my thought into a purely descriptive format because “language” isn’t descriptive. It’s only explanatory. I don’t know if it can be perfected because I cannot “know” such a thing. It’s not knowledge. If it can be “done” which implies true action or karma (which as UG stated is not a reaction), it will have to be creative by definition whereas all of reality and it’s consequences are reactionary. There’s a lot left unsaid because I have yet to actualize the ideal. I don’t know if I can do it alone (it’s a constant battle of wits), but I feel that if we all are individually free then together we will create. Being an individual means being free of the entirety of culture. But, if not everyone is free then there will naturally arise a goal to sift through it and fix what’s illogical. When we are all free, there will be no goals, aspirations or ambitions and then fate will happen. Fate, morality, truth and creativity are intricately linked as concepts in intellectual wordplay and logic. That’s where the purpose of logic ends. But in all honesty they transcend the limits of logic.

“What can be shown, cannot be said.” ― Ludwig Wittgenstein

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