I am grateful to you, doctor. I thought no one out there understood what I was going through even though I knew that’s not true. Now, I feel much better than I did just two weeks ago. I now have the strength to make it in my life. Your genuineness and vulnerability and perseverance has taught me that I am not beyond redemption. Of course, I would never give up under any circumstances but that’s given. What wasn’t given throughout my life was the information I needed whether that’s in the form of comforting words from a friend and a well-wisher or a bedrock of strong beliefs but now I have ample amount of both. I have all the tools I need to achieve my goals towards fulfilling my purpose. You showed courage when I needed to see it in someone so desperately. Whenever you need anything I’m here for you all. This community has been a blessing in disguise. At first I was very skeptical and mentally distant when engaging everyone. Thanks for being patient with me. I didn’t get nearly as many acknowledgements as I expected but the quality of the few interactions that I did have renewed my vigor and made up for it all in substance. I will never let my guard down here on out when dealing with difficult people in my life. I have learned my lesson well. Stay awesome everybody and stay strong without compromising your vulnerability. I cannot stress this last bit enough. You have to maintain your innocence no matter what else changes. Fight for what’s right. Begin with yourself. Take small steps. Don’t let anyone take that tenderness from you. Remember that although you may not feel it all the time, especially if you’re not looking for it – a lot of people are in dire need of that stranger’s kindness of which there may or may not be shortage. But, the thing is that YOU have to be that person for others.

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