More thoughts, but structured (albeit, poorly?).

When I disagree with a certain thing that’s said [(which usually is because I find it erroneous or poorly worded) Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not saying it’s not articulately or eloquently or especially even thoughtfully expressed or communicated in it’s own right.], I immediately retract my attention and devote it to something else. This is because specific information impacts anyone the same as everyone. This has certain implications. One that I remember is that errors in perception beget corruption in thinking process. Thoughts don’t exist. There is only thinking as a process. Process is fragmentary. Life or to be specific, “a being” embodies forms. Information is tasteless, colorless, emotionless (I make a distinction between emotion and feeling in the sense that emotions are mechanical in function whereas feelings are not accurately describable, being biological, essential and thus purely creative. Information or the underlying “forms” are and can only be felt. I have yet to accurately describe brain, consciousness, biology, chemistry and the interactions between thereof.) and thus inert. Information is non-existent without perceiver. It can only be perceived.

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