My mind is riddled with questions about everything. There are questions no one has even thought of or considered before. In answering them I’ll solve problems that no one has solved before. We already have answers for the questions we have. The questions spring from the answers themselves. I will try out all the variations […]

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Unparalleled intelligence

Can you challenge me? I need to fix EVERYTHING. I NEED to fix everything. Can you live with that? I won’t stop my pursuit for you. I must do this. Please, communicate with me. I need someone to understand. I can’t be intimate with someone who underestimates me or insults my intellect. I need complete […]

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I don’t have an intellectual equal so I am unable to communicate. I can’t describe, much less explain how complex I used to be. I had to simplify the complexity. Now, I sift through existence to make the Mechanism seamless. Trust me and be truly humble and maybe I might be able to communicate and […]

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Freedoooooooooooom! – YouTube I used to be the kind of person who felt awkward and uncomfortable around persons because of the situations they put me in by being kind or way too energetic or just somehow surprising and yet unsettling me to the core by their presence. Every little detail mattered. How they looked, felt […]

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Emergent Causation & the Philosophy of Mind (David Papineau) – YouTube What neuroscientists study in the labs is not Consciousness but the mind. They equate physical and biochemical processes to Consciousness. That’s the blunder; a confusion of terms, definitively speaking. Consciousness and mind are separate. Consciousness is embodied whereas minds may emerge. I’d attribute to […]

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Mercy for Shrek

Don’t you pity Shrek? He’s ugly, obese, without friends and lives in the woods. He’s been faithfully serving you ingrates and good for nothing nobodies for 10 years of his life and is gonna continue to do so. He never asked for anything in return except that you don’t interrupt him while he’s doing his […]

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How could I possibly have anything to offer? You guys have spoken! I must be a fucking loser. There’s no way I could be tortured this much for all my life if I didn’t deserve it! I must be truly fucked up.

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If you want to know something about me then just ask me! Don’t assume. Don’t I deserve the fairness of a conversation? Or am I just allowed no courtesy? I love you. You know who you are. If this isn’t clear then I’ll remain celibate and chaste for the rest of my life and drown […]

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I once said I don’t differentiate between Thought and mechanism. But, I’d like to add more context to present it in a descriptive way. I don’t think anymore that thoughts as we know them or speak of them and deal in them are actually objects in the real sense. I think Thought is a structure […]

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